Sunday, July 29, 2012

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Hey everybody,

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This photo is a frame grab from an HD clip shot with our Canon 60D - we added some color correction, sharpening and noise reduction in Photoshop to bring it to life.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Someone once said music is the closest thing to magic there is - and, man you can really feel it, the energy.  Music certainly generates "positive vibes",  feelings of happiness, etc, this is undeniable.  And live music?  I feel when we listen to live music, we are not just listening and watching that "moment", we are experiencing much more, we are witnessing the culmination of all the moments of those performers' lives up until that point.  It can be hit or miss of course, it's right - or it's not for the most part - in that moment.  But, when it's right, when it all comes together, all those years of effort, talent and a great performance - of just the right songs performed live - there is an energy there that you can literally feed off of.  Especially in a room full of people feeling that same vibe - the crowd literally amplifies the feeling.  Anyone who's been to a Who concert knows what I am talking about.

That feeling, that energy - and the love of having that experience is what drives us here at flymusicman - and we hope to capture and share that feeling in some small way.  Why?  We are not really sure but - do we really need a reason?  I would say no, not in the blogosphere at least...  Well actually, there might be a reason, a big reason, a really-really big reason - more on that later.  Here's a hint:  for the joy of it.

: )

And speaking about joy - someone is spreading a lot of it.  You may already know him - especially if you are watching our youtube channel activity.  Tom Dudley, who goes by the name Blues Buddha, is one of our favorite performers and one of the hardest working guys on the scene.  It is our pleasure to share this video that he posted today on facebook.  (Tell me you don't love this guy!)  We have come to know and love "Blues Buddha" through his live performances and seemingly non-stop video work with his associate, the prolific Paul Opalach, who apparently is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Engineer and Producer - his songs are great, his videos are fun and worth watching - with more coming all the time.  Needless to say, we are huge fans.  Check out Blues Buddha and "Time To Play"...  for the joy of it!

Song by Paul Opalach/TomDudley ©2011. 
Recording and video by Paul Opalach at Long Hill Recording