Monday, August 27, 2012

Musicians making a difference for the March of Dimes. So cool.

I was thrilled to be at the March of Dimes' event "Rockers For Babies" yesterday at Elements in White Plains, New York - part of the March of Dimes' "Bikers for Babies" campaign to support the fight against birth defects.  

The event was hosted by Ronnie Pauls and Dan Chopper Carillo, two of our local rocker musicians.  They had Elements packed with performers and music fans - some from far-away places - all turning out for a great cause.  The music and the event was nothing short of inspiring.  And I have to say, there were some really special people in the audience too.  I was very happy to make some new friends, you can never have too many of those.  And although I did not win the autographed guitar that was auctioned off - and that everybody seemed to want - I did walk away with a great sense of peace and love that permeated this very cool event.

The guitar was autographed by everyone that jammed at Elements for the past year at Dan's Sunday Night Jam Sessions.  LOVE THAT!
(Autographed guitar image courtesy of Ronnie Pauls.)

Huge shout out to all the musicians that played - thanks so much for all you guys and gals do!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our first guest blogger! Singer/Percussionist Jaynie D'Agostino.

As a musician, you want to be pliable and be able to do what you do and reproduce that with other musicians.... Right?  With harmony, that isn't always the same experience for me.  When trying to describe to someone how I feel when the harmony is working, I often get stuck.  It's not the tactical approach of achieving harmony that I'm referring to.  I often get the "what the hell are you talking about" look and I've been told, harmony is harmony. When its done right, it has to work. Period.  I've been doing it since I'm a kid. There's the root, the third and the fifth.  Well aware.  May not have understood the mechanics of it as a kid but understood it none the less.  It was like speaking when you don't know how to read.  For me, it's more the space between the notes as they meet that make the difference of whether harmony is working or not.  Yes you can reproduce the sound prescribed for the part but does it work to its best ability.  Not always.  I mean, yeah it'll work if it's done right but can you FEEL it. Did those notes work well enough to stand hairs?  That space between is the gooey magic I'm talking about.  When the sounds meet, they resonate based on the tone, pitch, timber and vibrato of each voice.  I've tried to harmonize with different voices.  That space is not always equal.  It's like the weave just didn't happen. But when it does!!! It vibrates and call me crazy but I feel it inside.  Hell, I feel it outside like a mini vocal force field.  Its like being caught between two opposing magnets and its quite powerful.  I wish I could tap that space between and record it... If its energy, I could bet it would produce a different affect than the standard "sing your part" note and I'd love to compare the sounds. - Jaynie D'Agostino

Be sure to catch Jaynie with her band "Buried In Blue". 

And be sure to like them on facebook too!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Sugar!

The more we do this, the more we realize: this music scene is HUGE.  Our circle of friends keeps growing and we keep meeting more musicians and music fans.  So fun.  Of course, as everyone around here knows, one of the best ways to explore our local music scene is by picking up a copy of the More Sugar Magazine - now in it's 18th year!  More Sugar can be found in music stores, music venues, bars, music schools and more - and it's free - pick up a copy if you haven't ever done so.  It is without a doubt one of the coolest things going for us music enthusiasts.  I am never far from my copy of More Sugar and am thrilled to have met Tom, the publisher - talk about your positive vibes, Tom is a great, fun guy that always makes it more fun to be there - PLEASE keep doing what you're doing Tom.  As I said to someone the other day, I have come to believe that the entire universe is being held together by people generating positive vibes - and the More Sugar magazine is a great place to start.

Here's a pic of the band R.A.D.A.R. with this month's More Sugar - Ric Lubell, Ronnie Pauls and Dan Chopper Carillo - three of my favorite humans on the planet from The Thursday Nite Jam Sessions featuring Ronnie Pauls.  Definitely going back to Garfield's for the next round.  Won't you join us?  Come on out and help generate some of those all-important positive vibes!

Here are a few more pics of this night's jam on our facebook page.