Monday, March 31, 2014

Oops, this was actually the first video we posted... and a blogger glitch!

guess I lied, the first video I did for the flymusicman project was actually this one. I guess I got lost in the sauce sifting through the youtube list. As we continue to tweak the next big, super awesome music video coming down the pike, please re-dig this awesome clip of Cobert Operations playing at Lucy's all the way back on Jan 7th, 2012.

Oh darn, the blogger software does not seem to want me to post this clip.  I will put it here as a link...

Click here!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Countdown to our next big video - looking back before we go forward.

We are getting very excited about re-thinking and re-launching the flymusicman project. We want to bring it back to life, make it cool and also make it sustainable, possibly with the addition of trying to "crowd fund" various creative projects or some other ideas. Several musicians have already helped us out by purchasing raw footage preview DVDs of performances we happened upon with our cameras, and a few have even hired us for video and/or photography work as well - which is awesome! Thanks so much to all of you!

Why do we want to get this going again? Looking back on the work we have done, we will never forget how excited we were when we posted this, our first video "Little White Lies", using the cameras for the first time, trying to do something at least a little special in post - and, then, the resulting magical feeling that came over us when we first watched the darn thing online. OMG. Please join us as we take a journey down memory lane, re-posting all of our work over the next few days or weeks - not sure, in anticipation of our next big project, which should be an awesome, eye-popping music video for one of our favorite local musicians. Who is it? Not gonna tell ya yet... But, for now, please re-enjoy, Jeremy Sevelovitz's "Little White Lies".