Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another Cobert Operations video: with Special Surprise Guests!

We had a great time shooting a few songs from this performance of Cobert Operations.  I was still learning what we could do with our cams at this point and had spent the day trying to figure out a better hand-held scenario.  This is the shoot with the wooden spoon as a stabilizer that I spoke about before.  Not a great way to go but an improvement none the less and the best I could come up with in a day since the first shoot, believe it or not I tried dozens of techniques.    Still it was way too shaky to watch - soooo, to try and make this amazing performance survive without causing seasickness - we decided to kick this one up a few notches by stabilizing the heck out of it in Autodesk's Flame.  Because of the sheer bulk of stabilizing needed, we employed the Furnace Plug In "Steadiness" and found various settings that seemed to work well enough - and left it at that - so it didn't turn it into a two-year project.  You can clearly see motion artifacts in the form of wobbling and smear in a lot of these shots - but believe me, they are much better this way.

That night with the wooden spoon led to a much more intensive search for the best method to get nice handheld footage.  Wait to you see what we stepped up to next.  Put it this way, my wife wants to kill me.  Ok, enough about me, check out COBERT OPERATIONS!!!!  WOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!!

Actually, our stabilizing insanity has already been revealead on our parallel blog, "The Fly Camera Dude" - here's the link.  How fun is this?!  OMG!

: )