Thursday, February 27, 2014

Michael Pennacchio's Debut Album: "Better In The Morning"

One of the musicians that really has universal kudos here on the music scene is the up and coming local hero, Michael Pennacchio.  His debut album, "Better In The Morning" is well worth the dough.  Buy it immediately.

And one of the very coolest things I have enjoyed  open mic's "covers" night where many of the local musicians cover each other's original songs, this year's was yet another magical night of music. The song writer of the night was the very same, Michael Pennacchio.

The night's award goes to the songwriter who's songs are "the most covered" by the other musicians - and it's not surprising when you listen to "Better In The Morning".  We all love his tunes.  Mikes' music is fresh, innocent, wonderful, life affirming, daring, original and just plain awesome.  I really like the dude as well.

I am so digging the fact that Mike used one of my photos for the back cover - check it out!!!  So cool.  I even got a credit, but he spelled flymusicman wrong.  WTF Mike?  :)

As you can see, Geoff Hartwell produced the album.