Tuesday, April 1, 2014


One of the first musicians that really blew me out of the water here in Westchester was Mishti.  She absolutely attacks her music to the delight of all music fanatics like myself.  She is nothing less than ferocious with everything she does on stage - I adore her completely as an artist and a human being.

We recently grabbed some footage of Mishti at Dan Chopper's Sunday Night Jam, featuring Mishti - at the Thornwood Ale House a short time ago.  We have a video waiting approval that we hope to post soon.  This clip was cut together using Adobe Premiere and color corrected in Autodesk's Lustre running on our Flame Premium system here at the plant.  We are just cutting our teeth on Lustre and had a great time messing with all the knobs to the amazing blues stylings of Mishti's "Third Degree" screaming guitar solo.

Cannot wait to post this clip.

: )

Wait for it... Wait for it...  WE HAVE APPROVAL

- BUT -

once again, blogger not letting post a youtube video to my blog - here's a link. 

Sexy lady crushing the blues at a local jam... MISHTI

Nothing is easy.

: )