Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mike Rock "Mary" live.

Check out Mike Rock's "Mary" performed live at Lucy's Lounge in Pleasantville, New York.


Performed on January 12th, 2012 - one of the great nights of music at Lucy's when so many musicians showed up that they had to cut the number of songs from the normal 3 per person down to 2.  We hope to be finishing a few more clips from the the night if time allows.  Many more projects are coming up and we are having a great time trying to pull this all off.  It has been a great workout, both physically and technically as we try to jam all this into our schedule.  

As I look back at the blog and the flymusicman project to date, I get this strange feeling that it is the most important thing I have ever done -- very cool.  

 For some behind the scenes info on the production of "Mary", check out FLYfx Tutorials' post on it. 

Stay tuned for more local music!