Thursday, April 19, 2012

45rpm promotional video!

Check out our latest flymusicman project - we were hired by 45rpm to shoot their live performance at KJ Farrells, on Long Island.  The band's leader, guitarist Michael Barberich, liked our work on the Buried In Blue montage so much that he hired us for this project.  The Canon 60D footage made it look so good.  

We shot the footage over the course of two nights - which we cut to their pre-existing audio track - which they recorded in their studio - these guys are NOT fooling around.  The graphics and interstitial clips were inserted by the band - great job guys!

We wish the band great luck with this new and improved promotional video.  

45rpm is AMAZING!!!  It is so fun to hear these songs - many of which you will know all the words to - good times.    Here's their Facebook page - facebook/45rpmny - you gotta go check out their photos and hysterical comments, really, I would normally not tell my readers to dig so deep, but it is worth the time I promise - hysterical.  I freaking love these guys.  


I would totally recommend getting out to see this band, especially if you are anywhere near my age or older.  I'm forty - mumble, mumble years old. 

: )