Friday, January 13, 2012

Cobert Operations' Mission at Lucy's - our first video contribution!

Big news!  Here is our first video!  We are gonna open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.  Jon Cobert, Peter Calo, Stu Woods and Rob Wallis rocked our worlds that night - not to mention all the special guests.  Please visit for more info and where to catch the band's next performance, you will not be sorry - these guys seriously rock.


We are going to update this clip with more finessed cut soon.  A few of the shots could use a little "stabilization" help.  Perfect for our Autodesk Flame Premium suite.  This footage was shot with a Canon VIXIA HFG10 and an iPhone 4.  We shot at 23.98 fps on the VIXIA in full HD and the iPhone was running at 24 fps at its highest resolution and was up-res'd to HD.

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