Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This message will self destruct.

One of the amazing local music spots here in Westchester New York is Lucy's in Pleasantville and one of the AMAZING bands I have seen there is Cobert Operations.  

Then name of the band is a play on words using the amazing Jon Cobert's last name instead of the word "Covert" - so of course the band uses a lot of "Mission Impossible speak" in their social media and during their show.  Look at the logo and you will get it.

  I love the gag.  I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!  Anywho, I recently shot some footage of Cobert Operations to see what I could do with it to support the band, have some fun and hopefully generate some buzz for FLYfx in the process - my VFX company.  I also shot Jon Cobert with Chris Fox the night before and their band Mojo Monde during their performance at Katie Mac's in Mt. Kisco.  These two shoots were a test run -- but I hope to be posting videos from both bands in the future. I am looking forward to having some fun and spoiling these guys rotten, and a few other bands too if they'll let us.  We really have the potential to do some cool effin stuff here at the plant -- and the ideas are flowing thanks to the inspiring talent of these amazing musicians.  

As a teaser I posted some stills from these first shoots on our facebook page.  These pics are actually half-res frame grabs from the HD footage we shot with our Canon VIXIA HF G10.  Not bad for a test run.

Stay tuned.

This message will self destruct in ten seconds.  Just kidding.