Sunday, January 22, 2012

Same bar, different night.

Tuesday nights there is an awesome "jam" at Lucy's in Pleasantville.  Will Van Sise hosts the gathering with his band "The Wolf Pack"  I can't even begin to tell you how much talent gets up on that stage every week to jam.  Three songs and off they go - then the next stage full of people comes up and does three songs, and on it goes until the wee hours.  It's almost funny but the entire bar is full of musicians.  Pure heaven for the flymusicman.

This is a picture taken with a GoPro2 camera.  On stage with Will is Anthony Candullo, an amazing musician and photographer and Gary Schwartz, world class drummer who's weekly email blast of jams is a must read for any of our local area musicians looking to find out where to go get their jam on.  I am hoping to get Lucy's and other local jam scenes to webcast the fun - wish me luck, then you rock out with us wherever you are!  Stay tuned for updates. YEAH BABY!!!

For more info on these cats and the rest of the local talent showcase, visit

For more on the GoPro2 and other cameras, check out my camera blog, I will be sharing all sorts of info on cameras, including interviews with local photographers and a few surprises.  Oh, and a little beer talk too.

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